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Monday, March 9, 2015

Easy tutorial for topsy turvy planter and bird bath.

I shared yesterday that I was working on a diy garden project that was for the birds! Our Lowes Creative Ideas Network challenge this month was to create a diy bird feeder or birdbath. After Matt’s failed attempt at creating a bird feeder, I just went ahead and purchased a cute feeder from Lowes. However, I had this fun idea to create a planter and bird bath in one and today I’ll show you how to make your own!

Kitchen Island DIY Projects - The Cottage Market

Looking for a little makeover…a little something different to give the kitchen a new feel not to mention more space to work on and gather around?  Well then I think that this newest collection of Kitchen Island DIY Projects is for you.  The imaginative islands will inspire you and the DIY’s will guide you to your final Kitchen Island destiny!  While collecting these DIY Projects my mind wondered remembering my parents always saving up to have things done in the home.  Mom putting money in envelopes for new cabinets or a new counter.  It got me thinking on how cool things are now that so many people don’t have to wait as long for something that they need in the house thanks to the DIY generation.  There are fabulous products that help us out…but the community of DIYER’s sharing and showing us the HOW TO’s had changed everything.  So an extra BIG thank you to all of you …you are all incredible and we love you!

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

I MEAN!? Did you think I was NOT going to do emoji Easter eggs? I know it’s just barely March and don’t worry, I didn’t forget St. Patrick’s Day, but I was just too excited about these to wait any longer. Now, gather up your friends and it’s time to have yourselves an emoji egg party. For real. You don’t have another option. It’s necessary.

I use my log tealight year round. So easy to make. Click for tutorial. How to make DIY tea light log.

This month has partnered with Olioboard to create the Fabulously Festive Design Contest. Bloggers were asked to create a few holiday DIY projects that contestants can use in their virtual room boards. There are $1750 up for grabs for the best design board and you still have time to enter! All you have to do is create a holiday-inspired virtual room using at least one image from the holiday set in your room design. You can also view all of the gorgeous virtual designs here and vote for your favorites.

DIY outdoor cat enclosure to keep you city cats happy and safe

I’m not only cuckoo for design but also for animals.
My 4 kitties mean the world to me and if I could afford more pets, I would.
Meet our furry rescued children (you can read some more about their antics here):
Heidi who hides, our chubby 16 year old Manx {all the cats are obviously older by now ;) }. She was our first cat, rescued by a vet from euthanasia. She is my snuggler.